Quartix Vehicle Tracking Main Features

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Quartix Vehicle Tracking Main Features

Real Time Tracking – Where are your vehicles?

    • Pinpoint the position of your vehicles

    • Follow them with Google Maps

    • Analyse their daily activity

Use Quartix vehicle tracking to track your vehicles in real time, anytime, using any Internet connected device. There is no need for additional software – everything is accessed over the web.

The Quartix vehicle tracking system can help you save on fuel, cut fleet expenses, and improve your drivers’ safety and security.

See our Plug and Track and Connect & Track ( self install ) or Hardwired solutions. Solutions for all requirements.

Quartix Live Tracking Display
Quartix Tracking Pricing

All our Telematics solutions come with inclusive consultancy services and implementation support.
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Quartix Vehicle Tracking Map Display

Navigation between vehicle tracking reports

Key features are all available from the live tracking screen.

All of the key features of the real time vehicle tracking system are available from the live tracking screen. Clicking on a vehicle gives you access to the following features:

● Daily log – a timesheet of a day’s activity, including jobs completed or deliveries made
● Route map – a clear, colour-coded trace of the route taken between stops
● Zoom and follow – locks the display on that vehicle, and follows its journey
●  Zoom to location – zooms to show the map detail around the vehicle, giving access to satellite, street view and traffic information (where available)

Daily Vehicle Logs & Timesheets

Available online and delivered by email.

Daily logs are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format. The day is split into separate trips and the level of detail in the report can be specified for each vehicle. Stops with the ignition on and short movements around a site can either be shown or filtered out.

Custom Location Names and Job References – adding your own custom address location names is an easy task. These names then replace the street addresses on your customised reports, making it easy to identify sites that you visit regularly.

Links to locations and routes – clicking on any place name takes you to a map showing that location, and the magnifying glass next to each trip takes you straight to the route display, described below

Quartix Tracking Daily Log Reports
Quartix Tracking Route Map Display

Route Map Display

Clear, colour-coded journey reports

Quartix vehicle tracking shows you all the journeys and routes taken on a day, with each way-point marked for direction and speed. Create your own ‘custom locations’ for regular customer sites to quickly see driver routes are within proximity of these locations. Click on the way-points for more detail on speed or zoom to exact location using Google Street View.

The parts of the route where the national speed limit was exceeded are clearly displayed by indicating the national speed limit sign.

Driving Style

Saving fuel costs and reducing risk.

Quartix InfoPlus option includes a comprehensive range of vehicle tracking reports and displays, helping you work with your mobile workforce to improve their driving style, reducing their risk of accident and cutting fuel and Insurance costs all at the same time.

Vehicle tracking reports available range from the daily driver briefing to the league table of driving scores which calculates total fleet performance during any period of time.

Quartix Tracking Driver Briefing Display
Quartix Driver Style League Reports

Driving Style League Tables

Compare driver behaviour scores across your entire fleet.  Each driver is given a score based on their driving profile.  Those who are taking too much risk will stand out on the Driver League Table in red.  The best drivers will appear in green, and those in between will be amber.

Reports allows you to see acceleration and braking, and a simple click will take you to the exact location on Google maps where the incident took place, allowing you to investigate further.

Daily Driver Briefing

Work with your drivers to improve driving styles and use data to show parts of their journey where they “lost” driver points, so they can review actual data and learn from experience.

The driver briefing report shows speeds for the day plus acceleration and braking profiles. To explore in detail the actual location of speeding or harsh braking incidents, it’s simple to click on the graph bars to see the Google Street View.

Driving Style Trends

Quickly identify any driving style concerns that may need immediate attention. Working with your drivers, you can identify if their style is improving over time – over the course of a month you might expect to see an impact – and incorporate this into performance reviews or reward schemes to encourage better driving.

Looking at the driving style over a month or longer, allows you to see if the style if consistent and spot any trends such as for example, specific locations or specific days where speed scores are worse. 

The data can be exported into a csv file for further analysis.

Quartix Tracking Daily Briefing Display
Quartix Driving Style Trend Display

Create Your Own Geofencing Zones

If your vehicles need to be either in or out of certain areas at defined times, geofencing can alert you in real-time if ever those rules are broken.  Get started by simply marking out the desired zone on our map with an easy drawing tool.  We allow you to have unlimited geofencing zones.

Define mandatory or prohibited zones

Establish the rules for each zone.  In mandatory mode, the vehicles must be inside the defined zone during the designated times; in prohibited mode, they must not enter the zone.  For example:

A business owner wants to be sure that employees are not returning home during the working day.

Solution – Designate the driver’s home as a ‘Quartix Named Location: Prohibited Zone’ on weekdays between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Quartix Tracking Geofencing display

Real-time alerts

If the geofencing rules are broken, an alert will be emailed so that the behaviour can be investigated and corrected right away, giving you another element of control over your fleet.  There is no limit to the number of alerts you can receive. Alerts are set up by our customers services team. 

Quartix Tracking real-Time Alerts Example
Quartix Tracking Safe Speed Display

Speed Limits For a Safer Fleet

You can help keep your drivers safe and reduce loss ratios by using Quartix vehicle tracking solutions to attain detailed speed- and driving-style reports based on real-world data.

Using this knowledge, you can establish programs to reduce speeding and improve overall driver safety.

Quartix telematics solutions can score your drivers’ behaviour by examining ‘safe’ speed, as well as additional factors such as braking, acceleration, and driving hours.

Management Tools

Quartix includes a range of management and daily operational reports, on-line and emailed, to enable full analysis of a vehicle, driver or fleet performance.

      • Time of Site
      • Vehicle Management – Servicing, MOT, Insurance, custom milestones
      • Vehicle Utilisation – Miles travelled, time, idling, speed
      • Route Analysis

And many more

Quartix Tracking Vehicle Management
Video Telematics

Dash Camera Integration

Quartix now integrates with dashboard cameras  to provide dashboard video recordings of a driver’s trips that can be downloaded and reviewed later.

On the Quartix system, camera recording notifications appear on the daily route map.  Users can access the recordings taken by the camera in three ways:

      • Recordings that have already been downloaded from the camera appear on the daily route map automatically. These downloads could have been triggered by the camera or by the user, as below.
      • The user can request a download for a specific data point in the map (or to start at any second between 2 data-points), if one wasn’t automatically downloaded. For example, if an accusation of erratic driving is made against a driver, requesting the footage of the incident could settle the matter. 
      • Quartix triggers a download from the camera  for all speed events logged by the Quartix system appearing in the daily route map

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Mobile App – Vehicle Tracking on the move

Vehicle tracking information on the move

The Quartix vehicle tracking mobile app enables users to view the real-time location of their vehicles and access the core features of the system whilst on the move. The app is free to download and can be used by all Quartix customers.

The Quartix app offers three key features:

Vehicle List – a summary of all the vehicles to which the user has access, and their present location.

Live Tracking – shows the latest location of a chosen vehicle in real time, as well as other vehicles in the area. The vehicle can be selected to be ‘followed’ by the app, and the map screen will automatically be updated.

Trip Data – shows the trips carried out on any day over the previous 6 months.

The app is available to download for free on the App Store,and Google Play

Quartix Tracking Mobile Application

FleetCheck – Fleet management

Do more with your Quartix data

No more relying on spreadsheets or paper-based systems, InfoFleet makes it easy to manage all your vehicle and driver data in one place. All the details here


FleetCheck Fleet Management

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