Woking Bustler Case Study

Woking Bustler

InfoPlus | Live Tracking | Driver Behaviour 

Sector: Community Transport Services

Issues: No visibility of vehicles for day to day operational management; Need to demonstrate safety record and ensure passenger comfort; Need to record and reduce carbon footprint.

Results: Vehicle idling reduced by over 50%, No at fault incidents, improved operational control, 50% of drivers in Quartix top 30% of Driving Style Score, no drivers in lowest 20%.

Woking Community Transport ensures passenger comfort and safety with Quartix Telematics solution from Telematics Consultancy Services.

About Woking Community Transport

Bustler Dial-a-Ride is a door to door transport service for residents of Woking Borough who have reduced mobility. All of the fleet of over 47 minibuses, including electric Minibuses,  are specially adapted to cater for people with all disabilities, including those using wheelchairs. Woking Bustler also provides minibuses for community hire, Surrey County Council, schools, hospital discharge, and sports clubs.

The Challenge

Woking Buster’s objective is to provide a better customer experience in a safe environment for all passengers as well as increase efficiency, reduce risk and reduce carbon footprint.


Telematics Consultancy Services proposed the Quartix InfoPlus telematics system with inclusive consultancy services and implementation support to ensure Woking Bustler gained the maximum benefit from day one.



·        Live vehicle tracking

·        Driving Behaviour monitoring

·        Vehicle Logs and Route Report

·        Fleet Management

·        Consultancy Services

·        Real-Time operational management

·        Enhanced passenger comfort and safety

·        Proof and validation of work

·        Efficiency improvements and reductions in vehicle idling

·        Identification of areas for fleet improvement and expert knowledge transfer

Woking Bustler initially went live with 20 vehicles in February 2018 and increased the number to 41 in April 2018 after a successful first month’s operation.

As of October 2020, Woking Bustler is now the first community transport organisation in the UK to change the transport fleet to electric vehicles and we continue to provide Telematics services to manage the operational element of the new electric vehicles.

In March 2021, the contact for the Telematics and Driver Behaviour solutions was extended contributing to the increased passenger safety and carbon reduction objectives.

We selected Telematics Consultancy Services because of the ease-of-use of the Quartix system and its ability to improve customer safety, increased operational control and the consultancy services included ensured we could make improvements and see tangible benefits quickly.

Thanks to Telematics Consultancy Services we can demonstrate our safety record, show how rides are now more comfortable for passengers, and prove that we are reducing our carbon footprint. These safety and environmental messages resonate with our customer service aims”.

Steve Morris, General Manager, Woking Bustler

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