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Here are various telematics white papers, eBooks and guides to help you with selecting, implementing and reviewing a Telematics and Driver Safety solution.

If time’s tight quickly watch our 30 second video to see how vehicle tracking can help your operations.

Video Telematics – Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

Video telematics is becoming the must have driver safety solution. Video with Telematics data provides the complete picture of what happened, where, when and why.

Our eBook on Video Telematics will help you understand what it is, how it works and the benefits. May 2020 update

Implementing Telematics – A “Right First Time” Approach

For the best results from a telematics solution in terms of operational benefits, reductions in driver risks or a return on investment it is vital to get the  implementation right first time.

Our eBook on Implementing Telematics  will provide tips and guidance on getting full value from your telematics solutions. 

Need Some Advice – A Buyers Guide to Vehicle Tracking

The cost of a vehicle tracking system can soon be recouped ten times over if these benefits are seen. This Quartix guide will help you to choose a robust GPS tracking system with the most valuable and relevant reporting capabilities.

Armed with the insights in this Buyers Guide, you will be able to ask the right questions to help you decide which tracking system is right for your business.

Driving Behaviour: How poor driving behaviour costs money and affects your business

Driving behaviour has been viewed as one of the toughest areas to manage within a vehicle fleet.

Our eBook on  Driving Behaviour  will help you understand the key things you need to manage and how telematics can help.

The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking for Drivers

A lot has been written about the benefits of telematics for businesses and company owners, but vehicle tracking also offers valuable support to the people who drive a company’s vehicles.

This Benefit Guide for Drivers shows ways that vehicle tracking can help drivers improve their skills, protect them from false claims and keep them safe out on the roads.

Telematics as a Management Information Tool

The key to telematics solutions making a change in fleet performance from either an operational or financial requirement is understanding the information captured and presented to the user.

Read in Telematics as a Management Information Tool  how telematics  can provide a valuable management tool for all levels of management.

Building the Business Case for a Vehicle Tracking System

For any busy company with pressures and priorities, opting for a new vehicle tracking system can be a decision that unfortunately falls to the wayside.

Whether or not a telematics solution is already in place, many businesses forget to put aside time to re-evaluate and review their options. Meanwhile, technology is evolving and decisions to transform services are becoming increasingly critical to achieving sustainable and profitable operations.

You may understand the importance of carefully considering which telematics package best supports your fleet operations but need a simple way to review and assess the current options. This Building the Business Case guide is here to help.

Changes in Telematics

Telematics in one form or another has been around for over 20 years with the  basic functions very much the same.  But Telematics is constantly evolving and will continue to do so.

Changes in Telematics explains what has changed and what remains the same.

Vehicle Tracking for the Trades Industry

The challenges of running a company in the trades industry come at you from every angle. You need to juggle jobs across distant locations, properly allocate your staff and equipment, and keep your sites and employees safe. To stay competitive, you must do it all on time and within budget.

This guide to Vehicle Tracking for Trades will show how vehicle tracking can be a power full tool to cut costs and increase productivity.

Vehicle Tracking for Construction Companies

The challenges of running a construction company are unique to the industry. Jobs are spread across multiple locations, staff and equipment are remote from the office, and you need keep your assets and employees safe. And like any business, you must do it all on time and within budget.

This guide to Vehicle Tracking for Construction Companies will show how vehicle tracking can be a power full tool to cut costs and increase productivity.

Telematics Return on Investment

Most telematics solutions are justified on the basis of improved operational efficiency or financial cost savings, the Return on Investment (ROI), but in many cases the ROI does not materialise or over time it reduces from initial expectations.

Our survey Telematics Return on Investment  aims to understand the real ROI fleet managers experience.