Vehicle Tracking | Driver Behaviour | Connected DashCam Solutions

Vehicle Tracking, Driver Safety and Fleet Management Solutions


Live vehicle tracking

Driving Style Analysis

Timesheets, Vehicle, Route Reports


Fleet Management


Real Time operational management

Reduced risk, improved safety

Proof and validation of timesheets, time on site, routes, number of stops, mileage. Daily, weekly and monthly

Reduction in administration, fleet maintenance and safety checks

Geofencing and Out of Hours

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashcam Integration


Consultancy Services   

Monitoring of unauthorised and OOH usage. Privacy Mode

Performance dashboard of KPI’s in user friendly formats

Remote video access and integration of video clips into Route Map reports.


Rapid identification of areas for fleet improvement and expert knowledge transfer

Hardware Options  Plug & Track OBDII, Connect & Track- On battery (self-install units), hard-wired telematics units, Asset Trackers, Driver ID

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Saving time, Saving money, Driving safer