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Dash Camera Integration – The Complete Picture

The focus for business owners and fleet managers has moved from not only improving the efficiency of the fleet and reducing costs but also improving driver behaviour, risk management, and accident reduction.

To support your driver safety programs tracking can now integrate with dashboard cameras and mobile DVR’s through our partnership with VisionTrack.  4G connected cameras, with optional Live Video Streaming, available via an additional subscription, works with the tracking system to provide dashboard video recordings of a driver’s trips, and critical driving events, that can be remotely downloaded and reviewed later.

These recordings are stored and saved on the provider’s Cloud servers.  On the tracking system, camera recording notifications appear on the Dashboard, daily route maps or in reports.  Users can access the recordings taken by the camera in three ways:

        • Recordings that have already been downloaded from the camera to the Cloud servers are available automatically. These downloads could have been triggered by the camera or by the user.
        • The user can request a download for a specific date and time if one wasn’t automatically downloaded. For example, if an accusation of erratic driving is made against a driver, requesting the footage of the incident could settle the matter. 
        • Downloads from the camera to the Cloud servers for all critical events appear in the Dashboard and management reports.

Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Safe Roads

Connected Cameras with video evidence provide the full story of what’s happening and accurate context.

Video provides the context to what happened, where and why

Protect, Prevent, Prove

VisionTrack Video Telematics
VisionTrack Autonomise Platform
Vision Track FNOL Image

Video generated by the camera for defined events can also be downloaded and saved for future reference.  

Camera storage is dependent on the internal memory storage and therefore the length of time that recordings will be available for download depends on how much the vehicle has been driving during that time.  The data is stored in on Cloud servers once downloaded from the camera.

Additional Video Telematics Services

In addition to the 4G connected Camera integration solutions, options are available for standard dashcams and  FORS and DVS compliant multi-camera solutions through to First Notification of Loss (FNOL), Managed Services for video analysis and driver coaching and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ) ADAS solutions

Contact us to discuss your in-vehicle camera and connected Video Telematics requirements.

Vehicle DVR System
Video Telematics- single camera
Video Telematics - Front & Rear Camerta
Video Telematics - Front & Driver Camera
Video Telematics _ Front & Side Camera

Video Telematics – Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

Video telematics is becoming the must have driver safety solution. Video with Telematics data provides the complete picture of what happened, where and why.

Our eBook on Video Telematics will help you understand what it is, how it works and the benefits. 2021 update