Video Telematics

Video Telematics

Are you seeing the full picture?

The focus for business owners and fleet managers has moved from not only improving the efficiency of the fleet and reducing costs but also in improving driver behaviour, risk management and accident reduction.

Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Safe Roads

Video Telematics and Connected DashCams including video evidence or photographic snapshots provides the full story of what’s happening and accurate context.

Video provides the context to what happened, where and why.

Protect, Prevent Prove

Video with Telematics Data—The Complete Picture

Video telematics - How it works

Video Telematics and Connected DashCam Solutions

There are a number of different 3G Connected or stand-alone solutions that can be provided depending on a fleets specific needs.

Video Telematics- single camera
Video Telematics - Front & Rear Camerta
Video Telematics _ Front & Side Camera
Video Telematics - Front & Driver Camera
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Video Telematics – Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

Video telematics is becoming the must have driver safety solution. Video with Telematics data provides the complete picture of what happened, where and why.

Our eBook on Video Telematics will help you understand what it is, how it works and the benefits. 2020 update