How To Save Time, Save Money, Drive Safe

Why Vehicle Tracking will improve your business

Save Time, Save Money, Drive Safe


Vehicle Tracking Reducing Paperwork and Admin Graphic

Save Time

        • Stop calling drivers to see where they are, why they are behind schedule; give accurate updates to customers
        • Manage drivers and vehicles from anywhere: Smartphone Apps and Browser access from any device
        • Streamline and Automate time-sheets and key vehicle information such as mileage, CO2 emissions, customer arrival & departure times
        • Manage MOT / Servicing dates, driver license details and vehicle safety checks

Save Money

        • Reduce fuel costs through improved MPG; reduce miles driven; reduce own fault accidents; reduce administration costs; improve vehicle utilisation

Drive Safe

        • Measure and improve driving styles
        • Protect, Prevent, Prove. Video Telematics provides the context to what happened, where and why
        • Less at-fault incidents; improved public image; protection from false claims; compliance with Health & Safety Executive and Duty of Care for lone workers

If you want to improve control, reduce administration and workload why not see how some of our customers improved their business with vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring.

They invested in vehicle tracking not to track vehicles in real-time but to reduce administration, lower costs and improve their business.

Discover here how some of our customers improved their business operations. If they can do it why haven’t you?

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More than vehicle tracking. Stop the guesswork.

All our Telematics solutions come with inclusive consultancy services and implementation support.

All the benefits from day one.

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